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 Tertiary - the Novel

Science Fiction


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Cover Design - Jeannette Absenger

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A tale of two civilizations and a third way. Three palaeontologists find evidence for a Dinosauran civilization and uncover messages and artefacts from 65 million years ago. When they find viable dinosauran eggs they run from military agencies, to save our past and future, and the hunt begins - - -

       Reproductions from the sketchbooks of Braaxus.
       Made during his childhood  in Arhkoevanon City.

       All the sketches feature as chapter headings.


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Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans?
The Silurian Hypothesis


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The Arianne Stories

Science Fiction


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                Arkuus                                   The Body 







The Arianne Stories chronicle events
 from a near future to several hundred
 years ahead.  They follow the life and
  friends of Arianne as she explores our
 changing world and the solar system.
Journey with her as she experiences
 an evolution of humanity, and strange
 entities we will create and discover - -



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